PCB/Substrate Layout

Are you looking for an expert PCB layer stack-up?

You are in the right page. Auto-Tronix is a reliable partner and expert when it comes to PCB layout stack-up.

Auto-Tronix can accommodate layer stack up for your multilayer PCB from 4 to  32 layers, HDI with 4-10-4 structure, Rigid-Flex, FPC and so on.

Auto-Tronix PCB layer Stackup (layer stack-up) refers to the arranging of signal and power layers of a PCB to meet the electrical and mechanical performance.

The planning of a multilayer PCB layer stackup is one of the most important factors in achieving the best performance of your product.


Auto-Tronix Flex Pcb Design team owns the industry leading design engineers and 10 years Multilayer PCB design experiences including HDI and special PCBs. FlexPcb Design is also called flexible circuits design, flex circuits design, Rigid printed circuit board design and flexible printed circuits design.

Our Innovations​

Make Industry Focused Products More Reliable with Lower Cost


  • 100+ PCB Design & Layout projects per year

  • Outstanding designers with 10+ working experiences.

  • Complete Design Software such as Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\PADS..etc


  • Modifiable design if you'd like to change anything.

  • Quick response for your questions and requirments.

  • More Pro-active communication loops before design frozen.

High Quality

  • Cross-check for the completed desigh

  • Dedicated QAE for the Inspection.

  • Design for Manufacturing and costs.


  • 7/24 Live sales & Technical  support

  • 6 hours PCB Layout expedite services.

  • Excellent after-sales service and problem solving capability.


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