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Takecke experienced PCB over 20+, provide 1000+ case for PCB Design Manufacture Assembly Solution, received many excellent comments from customers and panrtner.

Takecke have many projects related to automotive, industry, server communication and special PCB including substrate、IC packagin, etc.

Recently years, Takecke invested more than 2+Millon to upgrade the main equipments, including thin core coating, automation AOI/VRS, Puls plating for small via and high respect ratio.

Mass Productions Project

AutoMotive PCB

Industry PCB

Service/Module PCB

Special PCB

Main Equipments

Automation LDI Exposure

Dry Film Lamination


VCP Plating

Mechanical Drilling

Lamination Press


Custom Circuit Boards has PCB prototype and PCB Production fabrication capabilities.

Please review the PCB mass Production fabrication capabilities listed below. Use the below capabilities as the “minimum case scenario” for what we are able to manufacture in-house. normally the PCB prototype capabilities is much better than the mass Production fabrication capabilities, it can be confirmed by our engineer if you have that requirements