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How to get good PCB designer?

PCB Design

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Our broad experience in offering demanding PCB design containing signal trace with an exact power and ground for the layout has made us one of the kingpins in providing PCB manufacturing and layout services. With our resource efficiency and high quality assurance, we tender quick turn PCB Layout with reduced fabrication cycles in the layout operations. We have adopted multiple layout approaches for tradeoffs and accurate simulation to create a best in class PCB Layout. The pricing plan follows a fair pricing outlay for rendering PCB Layout and prototyping services to get quality quick turnarounds for our clients on individual basis.

Takecke auto-tronix has expertise in board layout of multi-layer (any layer count) boards. Below is a list of our capabilities.

  • Differential & Controlled Impedance
  • Matched Length Traces
  • Differential Pairs
  • Signal Integrity
  • Multilayer (Any Layer Count) Layouts
  • Analog & Digital Layouts
  • Micro-BGA and BGA
  • Ultra High Speed Layouts
  • Flex Circuits
  • Netlist Translation
  • Design For Manufacturability
  • Design For Test

PCB 3D Review

PCB Layout

PCB Stackup Simulation