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YOUR GO-TO PCB SUPPLIER, Building relationships from Schematic Diagram to Finish.

PCB Design Solutions

Takecke provides Layout / Stackup / SI impedance simulation services.

PCB Manufacture Solutions

Takecke provides manufacture services based on customer inquiry.



Established in 2005, Takecke Redefines Customer Service in our PCB industry. Many of our customers leverage Tacecke knowledge and capabilities throughout the entire life cycle of their products, resulting in enhanced quality, reliable application of cutting-edge technology and a more favorable price-to-value solution.

First, Whatever your technology challenge, whatever your logistics requirements, wherever you are, we deliver excellence in solutions and services to your door. Second, Our experience, expertise, and resources combine to deliver market-leading value to your venture.

Our highly skilled engineers,  comprehensive portfolio, high standards, and close relationships with our strategic manufacturing partners allows Tacecke to drive innovation with unprecedented attention to detail.

“… The professionalism of Tacecke company is absolutely fantastic. Many thanks for a great service!…”

Erin San



How are we different in PCB?


High Quality

Core strength

We have More than 200+ employees technical guys in China and 10+ services guys in the worldwise. Tacecke provides 6sigma, MBB, IATF, TQM, Line Tour guidance for Top customer.

PCB Design
PCB Assembly

Multiple Products Solutions

Takecke provides multiple products solutions for customer indeed. Beside these, we also provides 2~48L and 3 – n -3 HDI structure and 0.15mm PTH via with resin plugging.